I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah a few years ago at a networking event and have stayed in touch with her ever since. At the start of 2021, I was struggling with certain aspects of my health so de..

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From Cannock


I came to Hannah with an array of symptoms that I was concerned were perimenopause which included a complete lack of sleep & raging anxiety. They were both having a significant impact upon my life and..

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From Tyne & Wear


Hannah is very approachable and her knowledge of herbal medicine is exceptional. I asked for help with my COVID 19 recovery, and after a clear and calm consultation Hannah prescribed me a herbal medic..

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From Frome


I approached Hannah shortly after I thought I had recovered from a week’s illness of Covid19. Turns out I was one of those ones who hadn’t quite shifted it and two weeks later the cough and breathless..

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From London


I became ill nearly 40 years ago: the main issues were fatigue, aches and pains, itchy skin and numerous allergies to foods and smells. For about 20 years, until my specialist doctor retired, I was tr..


From Staffordshire

Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia

I met Hannah when she came and did a talk about menopause at work. At the time I was exhausted and although HRT had already helped me, I didn’t want to stay on it for too long. When I first spoke to H..

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From Wolverhampton


When I first contacted Hannah, I was suffering from some kind of acute liver problem that had required a short hospital stay and multiple tests and scans. I was having bouts of severe nausea, weakness..

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From Staffordshire

Severe Anxiety

I’ve had menopausal symptoms for many many years. Hysterectomy at 38. My symptoms included: night & day flushes, anxiety, loss of joy, thinning hair, fatigue, dry skin (and some other things I can’t m..

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SEO Angel


I found out about Hannah from one of her other patients who talked about her on social media. At the time I was having terrible trouble with insomnia, hot flushes and weight gain. I didn’t want to us..

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From Surrey


I decided to contact Hannah in the summer after several frustrating encounters with my GP surgery concerning anxiety. I found her most helpful, knowledgeable and pragmatic. After a three month course ..

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From Bridgnorth


I was introduced to Hannah by a mutual friend and invited to a meeting about 'Menopause' at the local community centre on Perton. From this I made an appointment to see Hannah for free at my local doc..

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From Staffordshire


My life was consumed with pain – back pain, nerve pain in my leg and foot, an ache in my neck, and pain in my hand – it seemed to be spreading, and it had been absolutely terrible for the previous two..

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From Sussex

Chronic Pain

I approached Hannah after suffering for years with a few issues, chronic headaches, stomach and digestive issues and dizziness. During my 8-week treatment programme from Hannah after our consultation,..

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From Bridgnorth

Food Intolerances

When I was introduced to Hannah I must admit I was skeptical because I had been in pain so long that I had sort of given up on being out of pain. As it was connected to my Diverticulitis I felt someti..

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Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Fibromyalgia