Why do I need the  Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme?

Why do I need the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme?

We all need rescuing sometimes. When it comes to our health, it’s so easy to ignore our body’s cries for help because we’re so caught up in the rest of our lives.

We get to the point where we can’t function normally anymore; we don’t have the energy to enjoy time with family and friends or be productive at work. If it carries on for too long, it can eventually impact our income, and affect our relationships. We end up desperate to get back to our best selves fast but have no idea how to go about it.

If your health issues have started to make your life a misery, this programme is for you. Most of my clients are women in their 40’s who are struggling with menopause, and finding the hot flushes, mood swings and fatigue are ruining their life. Many run their own business, they literally can’t afford to take time off work. They need to get back on track fast and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Susan Eastwood

I was introduced to Hannah by a mutual friend and invited to a meeting about 'Menopause' at the local community centre on Perton. From this I made an appointment to see Hannah for free at my local doctor's surgery, where we had a chat and made an appointment for Hannah to come to my house. There we had a top to toe consultation, many aspects of my life and body systems were discussed, including the effects of the menopause upon my body. Hannah was professional and caring at all times and went away and made up a 'cocktail’ preparation tailored just for me to take 3 times per day. Within 3 weeks we had seen a vast improvement upon my hot sweats both during the night and the day. Very shortly after this period they disappeared altogether. I also suffered from other conditions which were also treated successfully.Therefore, I would highly recommend the treatments on offer from Hannah

Susan Eastwood From Staffordshire

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Can Menopause Natural Herbal Remedies really help my symptoms?


I first need to understand how you’ve become unwell and address each factor in a methodical way. As well as being a Medical Herbalist I am also a Health Coach.

I offer advice on herbal medicine and health coaching based on my experience and qualifications, I also offer moral support and advocacy on your behalf. For example, if during your first appointment I notice any symptoms or patterns that need looking into, I can write to your GP and ask for further testing. I can also help to reinterpret any blood test results, and co-ordinate your wider care team to ensure you get the best all-round treatment.

We have had amazing results for ladies with extreme menopausal symptoms in as little as 4 weeks.

Can Menopause Natural Herbal Remedies really help my symptoms?

I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah a few years ago at a networking event and have stayed in touch with her ever since. At the start of 2021, I was struggling with certain aspects of my health so decided to give Hannah a call and see if/how she could help me. I'm not a fan of taking medication prescribed by the GP so wanted to try herbal medicine instead. I'm just coming to the end of my 8-week treatment and am pleased to say that I'm feeling much better. Hannah has been very patient and helpful to me over the last 2 months and given me some great advice and herbal medicine to help with my symptoms. Thank you Hannah :-)

Sally From Cannock
What Does the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme Involve?

What Does the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme Involve?

  • Your first appointment is the longest, because it combines a full health assessment with your first coaching session. All sessions are held securely online, and this one takes between 60-90 minutes. I’ll finish by briefly explaining your personalised herbal treatment and coaching programme to you, and we book your next coaching session.
  • Your herbal medicine is posted out, initially in batches of around 2 weeks supply so that it’s easier to make any adjustments to your prescription.
  • Each weekly coaching/accountability session is 15 minutes long, where we check how your previous goal went, and set another for the following week. This continues usually at a set time every week until you complete the programme. We focus on 8 key areas whilst the herbal medicine works in the background.
  • At the end of your programme we assess how far you’ve come and discuss whether you’d like to continue on a month-by-month basis or finish your treatment at that point.

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How & When Will My Menopause Symptoms Improve?

This is a unique programme developed over 20 years in herbal practice. It works first by understanding how you’ve become unwell and addressing each factor in a methodical way.

By the end of your first appointment I’ll have a clear idea of where things have gone wrong and what steps we need to take to put them right again. I’ll then create an individual care plan for you, which we work through together, focussing on these key areas:

  • Understanding how you became unwell, and how to avoid the same happening again.
  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration and hydrotherapy
  • Oxygenation
  • Activity
  • Rest
  • Happiness

At the same time, the herbal medicines work in the background to nudge your body back towards optimum health. Most clients note around an 80% improvement within 90 days, where their symptoms are mostly resolved. They feel more in control, re-energised, and more confident about their long term health. Some choose to continue a while longer on a month by month basis, and others are happy to finish their treatment at that point.


I decided to contact Hannah in the summer after several frustrating encounters with my GP surgery concerning anxiety. I found her most helpful, knowledgeable and pragmatic. After a three month course of herbs and advice, I am now feeling a great deal better. She looked at me as an individual and treated me accordingly. Her recommendations concerning diet, meditation and positive thinking have proved invaluable. The herbs she prescribed suit me very well and are a wonderful alternative to conventional antidepressants, which I have always refused to take. I would certainly recommend Hannah.

Sarah From Bridgnorth

What is my investment in the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme?

The fee for this programme is £1500 which can be paid up front or in 3 automated card payments. Other payment options are available but will incur a small charge.

The time investment is an initial 60-90 minute session, which can be split into two if your health issues would make a longer session difficult. You’ll have a goal to work towards every week, and a 15 minute online accountability session with me. Both are tailored to make sure they get you maximum benefit whilst still being manageable around your other commitments. As this programme is designed for busy people, each goal should take no more than 15 minutes a day to complete.

Additional Supplements Package

Supplements are not included but a supplements package can be purchased for £500. This covers time taken to research the best supplement programme for you, and all the products you need for 90 days.

Specialist consultancy is available if, for example you have a rare condition which would benefit from expert care. Their advice would be incorporated into your programme and the additional fee for this is £1000.

How Do I Start On My Menopause Symptom Recovery?

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